our Development Area

At Yogi Infocom, we understand and thrive on technology. All of our internal infrastructure, software applications, messaging and billing platforms are designed and built in-house. We've gone to great lengths to ensure any developer who wants to interface an application, site or system with our messaging gateway can do so reliably and simply. Our APIs are fast, simple and reliable, and built in such a way that they are easily manipulated to fit with any system. And with our quick online registration you are able to get started and use them right away. This means greater freedom and flexibility for our partners through platform integration support for developers. If you're already using a software solution, you can still access the full range of Mobilogi Quick mobile services simply and effectively. Our dedicated support staff is available 24/7 for all technical queries, making sure your mobile business never stops. Mobilogi Technologies APIs allow developers to gain easy access to a range of Mobilogi Technologies mobile services. including A2P Messaging, Two-Way Messaging and Miss Call Solutions.


This is ideal for web-based services, providing straightforward integration with popular programming languages. The API supports HTTP GET or XML POST, with optional HTTPS/SSL support for extra security. .

2. SMPP:

High performance SMPP API provides carrier-grade access to Yogi Infocom Technologiesís messaging platform for SMS MO, SMS MT and HLR Lookup services. Based on the most widely accepted SMPP v3.4 specification, Yogi Infocom Technologiesís SMPP API is ideal for customers requiring high messaging throughput.


XML makes it simple to integrate legacy systems to our gateway. It provides excellent interoperability amongst heterogeneous systems and is, of course, language independent.